Thank you for your interest in joining the Welsh Terrier Club of America. You will need two sponsors, from different households, who have been members in good standing of the WTCA for at least two years and have known you for at least one year. Print out and complete the application form. Send it, with a letter of recommendation from each of your sponsors, a signed Code of Ethics, first year membership dues and a $10.00 (US) non-refundable application fee to me at the address indicated on the application.

Provided everything is in order, your name will be published in the next issue of the Club’s quarterly newsletter for member review and comment. Your application will be voted on at the first Board of Directors’ meeting 30 days following the publication. The meetings take place throughout the year and in conjunction with the Club’s Spring Floating Specialty or the National Specialty held in October at the Montgomery County All Terrier Show.

If you have any questions, or need further assistance, please feel free to contact me. Again, thank you for your interest in the Club and your support of the Breed.


WTCA Membership Committee
Scarlet L. Cardwell

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