As a junior member of the WTCA and an overall dog lover, my favorite thing in the world to do is be with my Welsh Terrier, Sweetie. These are some of my favorite things for us to do together. Sweetie is an expert snuggler, and always wants to be sitting right in my lap. That is fine by me because cuddling her is like cuddling a teddy bear. She simply lies there with me, expecting lots of petting and giving kisses in return.
With that said, she can have a playful side. Her lifelong favorite game is called pow. I close my hands into fists, and pop them open near her face with the sound effect “pow!” She barks for a moment until I close my hands again. If I make no move, she will start whining and pawing at my f ists until the next “pow!” comes. Sometimes I pop open my fists and call “pow!” continuously; it is like watching and listening to fireworks. She thinks this is super fun as she tries to catch my popping hands. Sweetie always rewards me with more kisses after our playtime.
Another game that she likes to play involves hiding under a blanket that is draped over someone’s legs. She peeks out, looking for our Airedale Terrier, Ginger. The big dog likes to swat at Sweetie while she is still under the blanket. Sweetie growls and charges at her—in a playful way—then retreats to the safety of her little hiding spot. Watching these two play this game, which we call “growl and chase”, is very entertaining, and the snuggle with a tired Welsh afterwards is also very rewarding.
My absolute favorite thing to do is to simply spend time with Sweetie. During a movie night, she likes to curl up on your lap and appreciates sharing my popcorn. At night when the ice cream comes out, she loves to sit and share a lick of it with me. Lap time is her favorite time, no matter what time of day it is. For her, the closest cuddle is the best cuddle. At bedtime her favorite place to sleep is on my bed with me. And she also likes to go to sleep with her head resting on my pillow.
Whenever I am sad or down, she comes over to cheer me up. Giving this teddy-bear-of-a-dog hug is the best medicine in the world; and Sweetie is an excellent listener when I need to talk. Welshes are great companions; they are content to just be with you. Sweetie is my best friend who will always be here for me, will always give me a reassuring kiss on the nose, will always accept a hug. She will forever be my faithful companion.
Forever a Welsh girl,
Isabella Weeks
1st published in the May 2020 WAG