Versatility Awards

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The Versatility Awards are to celebrate the versatility of the Welsh Terrier and to reward the efforts of the owner who competes in the different disciplines in which our beloved breed is allowed to excel.  There are two divisions; the WTCA Conformation Versatility Awards, Level 1 & 2 for dogs who have earned an AKC Championship title, and the WTCA Performance Awards, Level 1 & 2, for dogs who have not earned an AKC Championship title.   In order to qualify for an award, dogs must have earned titles in three separate disciplines for Level One, and four separate disciplines for Level Two.

There are two paths to earn a Versatility Award from the Welsh Terrier Club of America, either "Conformation" Versatility OR " Performance" Versatility.

A dog who has achieved an AKC Championship is expected to use the Conformation pathway. A dog who is not an AKC Champion is expected to use the Performance pathway.

Any title earned can only be used to satisfy the requirements of a single award . . . not used again for a different award.  Individual dogs are eligible for either Conformation Versatility Awards or Performance Versatility Awards, but not both.

All owners must be members in good standing throughout the entire award year, which runs from July 1 - June 30.  All titles must be achieved by June 30 of the relevant award year.