WTCA Code of Ethics

As a WTCA member, I will:

  1. Comply with all American Kennel Club and WTCA rules.
  2. Accept and support the Constitution and By-laws of the WTCA.
  3. Be a responsible dog owner and maintain high standards in the care and training of my dog(s).
  4. Keep the health and welfare of the dogs the first criterion in breeding or selling Welsh Terriers.
  5. Breed only to improve my dogs to the standard of the breed.
  6. Sell dogs using true representation to the purchaser, both in verbal statements and in advertising.
  7. Sell all dogs, which are not to be shown in conformation with AKC Limited Registration, preferably with a spay-neuter contract in addition.
  8. Offer stud service to bitches or use as stud dogs only animals registered with the AKC or a foreign national registry, which are genetically sound and of good conformation, health, and temperament. The Stud Dog owner’s role includes responsibility for all litters sired by his dog in cases where the breeder is unable to assume this responsibility. Stud Dogs should be made available only to bitches whose owners adhere to the basic principles of the WTCA Code of Ethics.
  9. Refuse to sell dogs to wholesalers or retailers or donate dogs to raffles or auctions. I will sell or donate dogs to research only if that research is breed-related and WTCA approved.
  10. Help purchasers with advice and instruction for the life of the dog. I will guide novice persons interested in conformation showing, obedience, and performance events.
  11. Assist the owner and WTCARES in re-placement of all dogs I breed or sell for the life of the dog.
  12. Strongly encourage owners to obtain an AKC championship on at least one dog before beginning a breeding program.
  13. Make referrals only to breeders who are believed to adhere to all of the above.
  14. Help to educate the general public regarding all aspects of Welsh Terriers.

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