Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan will help guide the club over the next 5 years. To ensure the plan is robust, we collected feedback from members and conducted interviews among club leaders.

The Framework has three strategic pillars:

  • Breed Better Dogs
  • Promote the Breed
  • Strengthen Membership

We held two online meetings in October after the Annual Meeting to share the Strategic Framework with members. Using all the information gathered, we identified a priority area and goals for each pillar.

Breed Better Dogs:

2024 Priority: Identify & plan projects to provide Breeder resources.


    • Implement Breeder Education Coordinator role 
      • Explore Breeder mentorship program
    • Develop database plan
    • Develop Health initiatives
    • Explore breeder recognition program (e.g. Breeder of Merit)
    • Strengthen judge education/mentoring

Promote the Breed:

2024 Priority: Build Public education programming.

    • Develop Meet the Breeds toolkit and identify regional resources 
    • Incentivize participation in Meet the Breeds
    • Develop Editorial calendar and content

Strengthen Membership:

2024 Priority: Grow and retain membership through recruitment, involvement, education and recognition.

    • Implement Outreach Membership category
    • Expand recruiting and retention activities
    • Create connections at events (e.g. ringside buddy system/show 101)

The involvement of members to provide the feedback and ideas that shaped the Strategic framework shows how much our members care about the future of our breed and the club. Now the work begins! Please consider offering your time and skills to preserve, protect, and promote our wonderful Welsh Terrier breed! 

Emily Carroll & Michele Foley