Breeder Referrals & List


Breeder Referral Network Application - Welsh Terrier Club of America

Guidelines and Requirements

  1. WTCA member in good standing for a minimum of two years. (June 1993)
  2. Members must have bred two Welsh Terriers that have received their American Championships in conformation. (October 1993, March 1995, January 2008)
  3. Members must sign a code of ethics. (June 1993)
  4. Non-compliance with any of the rules of the Breeders List may result in WTCA Board action for immediate removal from the Breeders List. (June 1993)
  5. Will not sell any dog without a limited registration and/or spay/neuter contract unless there is a written agreement between the breeder and the purchase with regard to showing and/or breeding, left to the discretion of the breeder. (October 1993, January 2008)

Rules and Regulations

  • The WTCA Board approved the original breeder referral document as it appeared in the August 1999 WAG, said document to be put into use as soon as possible and revisions or updates made as needed. (October 1999)
  • Any member who refuses to be responsible for their puppies should be removed from the Breeders List. (October 1991)
  • Breeder Compliance will become the responsibility of the WTCA board. (October 2000)
  • The WTCA web site will provide the contact information for all breeder members who have signed the code of ethics. A printed list of all breeders will be mailed (on request) by the BRN chairman. Both the list and the web site will indicate that WTCA endorses established, long-term breeding programs and encourages new members to work with mentors within the club in the early stages of their breeding programs. (November 2000)