Montgomery WTCA National Specialty

Brief Montgomery Recap from Janet Stephens

October 10. 2023

Wow! Was this Montgomery week the best ever? The Welsh terriers were beautiful to a fault and groomed to perfection. It is so great to see over 40 Welsh terriers competing in the conformation show ring.
If you haven’t been to the Montgomery County and related shows and performance events the first weekend in October, you are missing something great. It is a time to see great dogs, meet new fanciers and see friends from around the US and many other countries.
WTCA kicked off the weekend with a hospitality event on Wednesday evening. Then at the first two shows the weather was warm and sunny, and the dogs coats shone in the ring. Saturday at Deven there was rain. Almost all Welsh were well behaved on these days.
Then, on the day of the all-terrier show, Montgomery County, the weather turned cool and brisk. And the dogs loved it! They were exuberant, alert and on their terrier game, most showing to perfection again. But there were those, and especially an 11-year-old veteran that pranced and hopped around the ring to show their joy at being there and their appreciation of the cool weather.
Hands down to the judges who had very tough choices to make, picking the best of the best. When you have the number of dogs of such high quality, the judges had their work cut out for them. For the exhibitors, if you did not get a first place or a ribbon at this wonderful event, know that you represented the breed well, that you had a deserving dog or bitch, and that those looking on ringside, as well as the judge, were so appreciative and happy that you were there.

Montgomery National Specialty 2024

October 6, 2024
Countdown to Montgomery

The 2024 Welsh Terrier Club of America National Specialty will be held on Sunday, October 6, 2024, at Macungie Memorial Park, Macungie PA. If you have never attended “Montgomery” we encourage you to come join all of us. Four days of events filled with beautiful terriers and terrier enthusiasts creates a fun weekend for everyone! Showing your dog at the National Specialty is a thrill no matter if it is your first time or your 50th!

Our National Specialty provides an opportunity to see firsthand how years of planned breedings pay off! The Welsh Terrier needs your continued support to ensure that there will be National Specialties forever and ever. It’s more than just about winning, it’s a chance to showcase your own hard efforts and acknowledge the success of your fellow breeders as well. This is a weekend that provides old time club members an opportunity to extend a welcome to newer members. We want everyone to feel welcome and included in the celebration of our breed.

The Annual Awards Dinner will be held on Friday, October 4, 2024.

The packet includes information and deadlines for Conformation events, Annual Meeting, Annual Awards Dinner, Catalog Advertising, Host Hotel and Hospitality events. Performance events, which are held earlier in the week at other locations, are listed at the end of the packet.

Please, come join in the celebration and most importantly, start grooming your dogs! We look forward to seeing you in October!


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