March 19, 2023

Juni and her puppy friend Albus served as wonderful ambassadors of the breed at the AKC Museum of the Dog Breed Spotlight. The Manhattan-based Museum hosts an event highlighting a different AKC-recognized breed every month, and provides visitors with information, activities, and collectable items along with the chance to meet a dog (or two!) in person.

Guests of all ages came to play with Juni and Albus while they asked questions about Welsh Terrier breed traits, history and training. I brought a selection of Juni’s conformation and sport ribbons, some Welsh Terrier literature, a sample grooming box with brushes, combs, hand stripping tools and show leads. I even wrote and printed a 20-page booklet called “An Intro to Welsh Terriers with Juni the Welshie” for attendees to read and handed out custom Juni stickers!

Many people saw Juni’s show supplies and were curious about the reasoning behind dog shows, so I enjoyed explaining the history and purpose of conformation. We also demonstrated how I hand strip Juni for the show ring.

I love having the opportunity to teach the general public about an uncommon breed. Presenting the Welsh Terrier in an educational setting gives people access to the right tools and information to become responsible dog owners themselves. I hope there will be more events like this in the future to bring the right kind of exposure to the Welsh Terrier!