Meet the Breeds

AKC Meet the Breeds events are a fun and educational way to spend a day with the whole family, and maybe even figure out which dog breed is right for you! If you are attending an AKC Meet the Breeds event or are thinking about attending an event in the future, you can find out what dog breeds you can meet at AKC Meet the Breeds in each city as information is available and confirmed. Breeds will be added up to the event date.

Please remember: All dogs and humans in the breed booths, as well as all dogs and people showing off incredible dog sports and skills in the demo ring are volunteering their time at these events to share the joys of responsible dog ownership with you. No dogs or puppies are for sale or rescue at this event.

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AKC Meet the Breeds New York City 2023

Bruce Schwartz, Caitlyn Schleifer and Isabella Olaguera represented the WTCA at the AKC Meet the Breeds – New York City January 28-29. 2023.

Read more about the experience of being a breed ambassador at this event from one of our newest members, Isabella Olaguera.