Upcoming Education Programs

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Managing the Breeding Bitch and a Brief Intro to COI, Dr. Gail McRae, DVM
Dr Gail McRae, DVM from The Ohio State University Theriogenology Department, addresses the management of the breeding bitch and how to use the coefficient of inbreeding to make breeding decisions.


Through the Judge’s Eyes: Insight into AKC Welsh Terrier Judge Education, Bruce Schwartz
The AKC offers breed-specific education seminars to judges and prospective judges. This link is to the AKC judges webinar on the Welsh Terrier presented by Bruce Schwartz.


Conditioning the Welsh Terrier for the Show Ring, Kate Murray
Katheryn Murray discusses practical tips on grooming, physical and mental conditioning, and presentation to maximize performance in the conformation ring.

Zoom Groom - Grooming Tools, Jean Callens
In this program, Jean Callens shows a selection of grooming tools, including stripping knives, clippers, brushes/combs, scissors, and other equipment used when grooming your WT.

Zoom Groom - Pet Clip, Kathy Rost
In this program, Kathy Rost demonstrates how to do a pet clip on a Welsh Terrier.

Zoom Groom - Introduction to Hand Stripping, Jean Callens
In this program, Jean Callens demonstrates handstripping techniques and approaches for the Welsh Terrier.


Vaccines & Titers and Joint Health & Mobility, Dr. Judy Morgan
Dr. Judy Morgan, an award-winning integrative veterinarian, discusses the appropriate use of vaccines and titers and options for management of joint health and mobility in both young active and aging dogs.

Unravelling the Mystery of Thyroid Function & Disease, Dr. Jean Dodds
Thyroid hormone is essential to every aspect of health. Each year, countless dogs suffer needlessly – and many die – from the easily treatable condition caused by low thyroid (hypothyroidism). This presentation helps to unravel the mystery of canine thyroid disease.

Ownership Tips

Does Your Dog Need an Estate Plan?, Judith Anspach
Many people consider their dogs as family members, but this is not legally the case. During this program, Judith Anspach, retired law professor emerita, discusses legal options for caring for your dog when you are no longer able to do so.

Managing the Numbers, Diane Borneman, Mary Duafala & Judith Anspach
This program is designed to raise awareness of issues around the number of dogs maintained/housed in a household/kennel/breeding program and to sharing personal experiences and solutions to managing the number of dogs. A self-assessment tool is provided to identify behavioral patterns.