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Canine Genetics and COI, Jenna Dockweiler, MS, DVM, DACT, CCRT, CVAT
Progesterone in Canine Reproduction,
 Dr. Gail McRae, DVM
Managing the Breeding Bitch and a Brief Intro to COI, Dr. Gail McRae, DVM


Through the Judge’s Eyes: Insight into AKC Welsh Terrier Judge Education, Bruce Schwartz


Conditioning the Welsh Terrier for the Show Ring, Kate Murray
Zoom Groom - Grooming Tools, Jean Callens
Zoom Groom - Pet Clip, Kathy Rost
Zoom Groom - Introduction to Hand Stripping, Jean Callens


Vaccines & Titers and Joint Health & Mobility, Dr. Judy Morgan
Unravelling the Mystery of Thyroid Function & Disease, Dr. Jean Dodds

Ownership Tips

Does Your Dog Need an Estate Plan?, Judith Anspach
Managing the Numbers, Diane Borneman, Mary Duafala & Judith Anspach


Performance & Versatility, Joan Conner