Donors to the Trophy Fund

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Updated March 24, 2023

Barbara Hall
Beverly Wright-Osment
Bridget Gierahn
Candida M. LaMotta
Capt. Jean L. Heath USN (Ret)
Cathy Francis
Charlene Czarnecki
Chris and Laurie Nowlan
Chuck and Diane Orange
Connie Clark
Craig and Jo Manion
Daryl Peters
Debby Shamblin
Deborah Jamison
Denise and Geoff Yates
Derry Coe
Diane Amendola
DiAnn and Reese Flory
Emily Carroll
Ereign Seacord
Fred and Patricia Adams
Gabriel and Ivonne Rangel
Geraldine Jaitin
Gwendolyn Metzler
James O'Malley
James R. and Sarah L. Borse
Janet Fox Stephens
Jill See
Jim and Tammy Brazil
Joanne Ainsworth
John Melair
Joseph and Ella Marie Hull 3rd
Joy Cappucci
Judith Timm
Katheryn Murray
Kathleen Marie McAtamney
Keith Bailey
Larisa Hotchin
Linda Schulte
Lorraine G. Musson
Lucy Bailey
Margaret Gaughan
Mark Riddoch
Mary Duafala
Mary Ellen Carney and Claire Alasio
Mary Gruber
Michael Shapiro
Nancy Evans
Norah K. Hollis
Pamela Allen
Patricia Hooey
Peter Green
Polly Smith
R.C. and Karen Williams
Richard and Joanne Trimpi
Richard and Suzanne Powell
Rita and Vincent Syracuse
Robert and Charlene Gyurko
Scarlet Cardwell
Sonya Cornick
Susan and Robert Lucas
Susan Rosado
Suzan and Randy Williams
Terry Lohmuller
Venetia Talan
Wendy Warnock
William and Virginia Winters