Montgomery Results 1994

Sweepstakes Classes – Judge: Mr. Richard Powell

Best in Sweepstakes – Kirkwood Top Brass
Best of Opposite Sex – Kirkwood Bold As Brass

Regular Classes – Judge: Mr. Clinton M. Harris

Best of Breed – CH Anasazi Billy The Kid
Best of Opposite Sex – CH Kirkwood Comedienne
Best of Winners – Rody’s Beemer
Winners Dog – Rody’s Beemer
Winners Bitch – Kirkwood Bold As Brass

Montgomery Results 1993

Sweepstakes Classes – Judge: Mrs. Margie B. McClunb

Best in Sweepstakes – Ledgerock’s Prince Llewelyn
Best of Opposite Sex – Winterwind’s Snapdragon

Regular Classes – Judge: Mrs. Maxine Beam

Best of Breed – CH La Sierra’s Lucky Lad
Best of Opposite Sex – CH Sunspryte’s Xxtra Bejewelled
Best of Winners – Kirkwood Killian
Winners Dog – Kirkwood Killian
Winners Bitch – Arsenic And Old Laci Lou

Montgomery Results 1992

Sweepstakes Classes – Judge: Mrs. Carole A. Beattie

Best in Sweepstakes – Shiloh Morning’s Have Mercy
Best of Opposite Sex – Shorlyne’s Mint Condition

Regular Classes – Judge: Mrs. James Edward Clark

Best of Breed – Purston Take Off
Best of Opposite Sex – CH Nathan V D Bismarckquelle
Best of Winners – Purston Jennifer Jones
Winners Dog – Karjenns Boss Bentley
Winners Bitch – Purston Jennifer Jones

Montgomery Results 1991

Sweepstakes Classes – Judge: Ms. Mary Seck

Best in Sweepstakes – La Sierra’s Lucky Lad
Best of Opposite Sex – Counselor Secret Love

Regular Classes – Judge: Mr. R. Stephen Shaw

Best of Breed – CH Sunspryte Gregmar’s Shorlyne
Best of Opposite Sex – CH Purston Take Off
Best of Winners – High Flyer’s Showgirl
Winners Dog – Gregmar’s Sunspryte Tribute
Winners Bitch – High Flyer’s Showgirl

Montgomery Results 1990

Sweepstakes Classes – Judge: Mr. Wilbert H. Etter

Best in Sweepstakes – Hapitails Full O’Beans
Best of Opposite Sex – Kirkwood Opening Act

Regular Classes – Judge: Mrs. Phyllis Hamilton Haage

Best of Breed – CH Bruhil’s Paradice
Best of Opposite Sex – CH High Flyers Galaxy
Best of Winners – Colwyn Commander
Winners Dog – Colwyn Commander
Winners Bitch – La Sierra’s Lacey