Annual Awards Eligibility & Procedures

Rules Adopted by the WTCA Board for Annual Awards

  • The awards period runs from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. All results are taken from the AKC Awards Magazine.
  • To be eligible for a WTCA Annual Award all owners or co-owners of the individual dogs must be members of the WTCA in good standing during the entire award year.
  • If a tie occurs, and only one member is present at the Awards Dinner, the member who is present will receive the trophy. If both members are present, the winner will be decided by a coin flip.
  • If more than one person requests to offer the same award, the donor will be selected on the basis of seniority in the WTCA.
  • When a sponsor is no longer available, willing or able to sponsor a particular category, then this category will be declared open, and the new sponsor will be selected in the manner referred above. If no member offers to sponsor a specific Award such category will be offered by the WTCA.

Criteria for Offering WTCA Annual Awards

In celebration of the hard work members and their dogs complete each year, WTCA, Inc. has established the following criteria to recognize and commemorate those efforts and accomplishments.

  • All awards shall be engraved, etched, or bear a plate stating the name of the award, including the name of the sponsor, and the reason the award is offered. For example:

    Best Amateur Handler

  • If said engraving, etching, or attached plate is not an option due to the nature of the trophy, the sponsor shall include an engraved card to accompany the award.
  • All awards shall be clean and, in a condition, ready for presentation. It is important to remember that this award reflects on the Sponsor, as well as on the achievement earned.
  • All awards shall be original presentations unless the award is a Welsh Terrier memorabilia or collectible. When the award is a collectible or memorabilia that comes from a member’s personal collection, or from the estate of a deceased member, the Sponsor shall attach information reflecting the award’s history, along with the information required in # 1, above.
  • All awards shall be items the Sponsor would treasure in his or her own home.
  • Sponsors shall contact the Awards Chairperson a minimum of two weeks prior to the Annual Awards Dinner to advise when and by which means the award will be delivered for presentation at the Annual Dinner.
  • NOTE: if the Sponsor fails to deliver the award in adequate time for presentation at the Annual Dinner, sponsorship privilege will be revoked.
  • All awards to be purchased through a monetary donation from the Sponsor to the Awards Chairperson shall include the following stipulations:
    • The Sponsor shall so notify the Award Chair a minimum of four months prior to the Annual Awards Dinner
    • The Sponsor shall designate the amount of money to be spent for the award
    • The Sponsor shall designate any preferences for type of award (e.g., crystal, silver, etcetera) along with the wording to be included for the engraving, etching, or other inscription.
  • All awards not collected at the Annual Dinner due to the winner’s failure to attend the presentation that cannot be delivered to the winner by another Club member shall become the responsibility of the Sponsor to ship to the winner, or to pay for the shipping expenses if handled by the Awards Committee.

The above rules were approved by the WTCA Board on February 17, 2009.